East LA based band, Silver Twins, was formed after the introduction of Alex Marin and Stevie Chow. Meeting right after both move to the city in 2016. Stevie had previously been working as an engineer in Canada, and Alex had been a producer/songwriter in London.  Within weeks of beginning to write together, they started performing frequent shows for the next several months. Finally after a quick mini-tour to Mexico, the two decided to pull back from playing and focus on writing their debut EP. During this time, they relocated to Venice and shared a tiny garage by the beach for the next few months. 

The full band includes drummer, Grant Vanamburgh, who found them over a post after leaving his home in Austin where he was a touring/session musician, bass player Will Gardner, who has been with them since their beginning.

Their first EP is set to release within the next few months. Here's some roughs ;)