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Silver Twins are an L.A. based indie rock duo consisting of the Canadian born, Stevie Chow, and Mexican born, Alex Marin. The twins have been playing together since early 2017 and as of late have been spending most of their time working towards recording their debut EP. Their songs have developed into some sort of melody driven pop that's been dragged through a slew of 60’s rock & 80’s punk influences. Their sound is best described by their pirate producer as, “romantic Ramones with synths”. Generally, the two members both have their fingers soaked in all elements of the band - from the writing and arranging to the vocals. 

The beginnings of the project came to fruition over an argument about opposing artistic perspectives that began at a bar in Silver Lake and ended at Stevie’s apartment at 5 in the morning. To their surprise, the twins noticed that their mutual respect and understanding of each others opinions remained intact throughout the whole ordeal. Through a series of follow up hangouts, casual writing sessions and boat loads of whiskey, they quickly realized their differences had the potential to work together in perfect harmony. Stevie, being driven by the simple excitement to make great music perfectly contrasts Alex’s approach to constantly pursuing new depths and unique personality to the songs. Their ability to focus on the songwriting from such different angles allows both their strengths to flourish… Allowing Alex to run down every musical rabbit hole and driving the sound, with Stevie supporting as the soundboard to listen, filter and add to the creative outflow. This combined with a mutual inherent sense of pop sensibility is quickly leading them towards developing a uniquely Silver Twins sound.

Currently, the duo is spending most of their time recording their debut EP.